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The Fabulous Hat Club

because everyone looks better peering out from under the brim of a fabulous hat

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Welcome to The Fabulous Hat Club (fabulous_hats), a community for posting photographs of fabulous celebrities adorned in equally-fabulous headgear.

The Rules

1. This is a community dedicated to the worship of classic celebrities. By "classic" we mean any entertainer or public figure who was famous during the period of 1895-1970. Current or modern celebrities who present a certain classic glamor & aesthetic are allowed, too. (We just don't want Britney Spears or anyone like that.) Candid & studio shots are acceptable, as are film stills. The higher the picture quality, the better.

2. All posts must contain at least one picture. Any posts without a picture will be deleted. If you are posting more than one photo, please put the rest under an LJ-cut. Likewise, if your picture is REALLY HUGE (wider than 650 pixels or longer than 600), please cut it, even if it's just the one. (If you don't know how to LJ-cut, click here.) All pictures must contain a hat. (Wacky elaborate headdresses also count. Anything you can wear on your head counts, pretty much.)

3. Please upload all images to your own webspace. Do NOT hotlink.

4. We would prefer to keep this community primarily focused on vintage celebrity photography. However, for now, icon/graphics posts are allowed. Advertising for related communities & icon journals is also allowed, as long as it is relatively discreet & is paired with a photograph of a celebrity in a hat. Any & all violations will be deleted, & repeat offenders will be banned.

5. Please remain civil to eachother. If somebody posts a photo of a celebrity you don't like, hold your tongue. Leave the catfights up to the professionals. We here at the Club must maintain our composure.

6. As far as you are concerned, the moderators are God. Please worship & obey them accordingly.

7. Most importantly, HAVE FUN. Or we'll send you to the cornfield.

The Officers

Caileigh (joanie_dearest5) & Caroline (psychobiddy) are co-presidents of the Club. They are its creators & moderators. All bribes should be made out to them.

The Affiliates

athing_ofbeauty little_reata

We would love to affiliate with similarly-themed communities & graphics journals. Please drop us a line here if you are interested.